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To empower the allergy patient, improve access, convenience, and affordability, and transform an industry desperately in need of patient-focused care.

As a team of life-long allergy sufferers and allergists, it’s been personal for a very long time. Not only have we experienced firsthand frustration with allergies and allergy treatment, but we’ve been collectively frustrated by an American healthcare industry that wasn’t built around the patient, but big business and antiquated norms.

Thanks to technology, we believe all that can change. We believe healthcare can be better, we believe the patient experience can be better, we believe access can be better, and we believe relief can be more easily and affordably attained, for every kind of allergy sufferer. Tired of not seeing that change happen, we decided to push those boundaries ourselves and build the allergy clinic of the future today, one that lives and breathes the interests of the allergy patient thanks to a digital embrace.

With technology as our backbone, and a passionate, in-depth focus on being experts in the field of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, we promise to always fight for you, the patient, and firmly live by these core tenets of responsibility:




Quality of care

Safety + Privacy


Technology-Driven Innovation

Social & environmental stewardship

By standing by these core principles and commitments as a team, we are not only driving positive change across the industry, but significantly impacting the lives of patients for the better.

The allergy patient is the winner here, and we’re proud to be in your corner, as doctors and allergy patients too.

We’d love to hear from you, especially on how we can improve your patient experience. So please, reach out any time with questions or ideas at We want to help — that is, after all, why we’re here.

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We’re Proud Members Of 1% For The Planet

Why ?

Rising CO2 and pollution levels are making allergy seasons longer and more severe. As custodians of your relief, that compels us to fight not just for the health and wellness of your body, but your air and your earth as well. It all works together.

1% For The Planet

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Environmental activism

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“I’ve always been a believer in integrative medicine and a holistic east-meets-west approach to support, which is why I’m proud to bring forward that approach with Cleared. There’re so many things one can do to feel better, but often people aren’t approaching things the right way. We actually can help.”

Dr. Payel Gupta

Board Certified Allergist/Immunologist

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