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From prescriptions to OTCs, immunotherapy to diagnostics, we streamline access and support for every type of treatment, and provide free unlimited healthcare for members.


5-minute allergy quiz

Report your symptoms and medical history for evaluation by one of our third-party Allergists.

This is just like an intake form at any doctor’s office, with safety and privacy as a top priority. Ours form goes more in-depth, however, to ensure our third-party doctors have the full scope of information they need to prescribe the best medications, diagnostics, or lifestyle recommendations to treat your unique, personal needs.

HIPAA compliant privacy protection

Secure messaging

Allergists respond within 24 hours


Personalized treatment + free delivery

Your Allergist will prescribe a personalized treatment plan, if appropriate, which you can have delivered to your door for free.

This may include prescribing FDA-approved treatment on the spot, or sending you for lab work to determine what specifically you are allergic to and if further treatment like immunotherapy is right for you.

Free shipping

Lower prices

Sustainable Packaging


Free ongoing care

Send your Allergist a message any time to discuss any health questions or updating treatment.

All subscribing Cleared members will get free unlimited ongoing care from our third-party healthcare professionals. So if you have any questions about any lingering symptoms or side effects, or want to change up treatment, message any time -- our medical team is available to help as needed, for free. Yes, really, for free.

Free + unlimited doctor follow-ups

Refills on your schedule

Modify or cancel any time

Flexible and convenient communication, on your schedule

Message anytime

Sometimes you have questions or needs but don’t want that face-to-face with a doctor. Then sometimes you do. We offer both so you can get the type of care you want, whenever you want.

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Flexible and convenient deliveries, on your schedule

Free for all members

Get guaranteed drug pricing and free shipping by choosing to ship with our Cleared online pharmacy partner at checkout. Schedule medication shipments either monthly or quarterly, with quarterly plans billed and shipped three months at a time with built-in savings.

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