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A new 

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Airborne irritants are on the rise, and your nose knows.

With Cleared, get the tools, guidance, and information you need to get cleared.

  • US-Licensed Allergists

  • Prescription Allergy Immunotherapy

  • Seasonal Immune Support

Our Seasonal Immune Support Supplements

As you need ‘em, whenever you need ‘em.

  • Supports immune system defenses in all seasons*
  • Formulated by doctors
  • Ingredients handpicked by nutritionists
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What People Are Saying

  • “So pollen tsunamis are apparently a real thing – honestly, not sure what I would have done without these supplements in my life.”

    Eduardo, 45, CA
  • “The fact that I can talk to an allergist online now is amazing for me. I’ve been miserable and feeling pretty lost, so, really need that personal (and convenient) help.”

    Keisha, 29, PA
  • “This shot is a game changer for me — a big boost when I need it most in the day!”

    Jenn, 38, NY
  • “Needed these lozenges pretty bad…I can literally see the pollen piling up on my windowsills and didn’t know where else to turn until now.”

    Thomas, 57, TX
  • “I love the ingredients in these products; holistic and delicious, what more could you want? Bravo Cleared!”

    Mercedes, 52, FL
Allergy Immunotherapy Sublingual Tablet


A personalized, clinically-proven treatment that reprograms your immune system and prevents allergy symptoms long-term.

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Sublingual tablets

Immunotherapy that’s just for you, now available to take from home:

  • Treats grass, ragweed, and dust mites
  • Clinical trials involving 20,000+ people
  • FDA-approved

Talk with our allergists to see if immunotherapy is right for you.

Talk with our allergists online.

80% of sufferers fail to choose the best medications to treat their symptoms. But you don’t have to.

Consult with our allergists to get personalized support.
  • U.S. Licensed Allergists

  • Talk via messaging or video

  • Personalized treatment

  • Prescriptions + OTCs delivered

Start by filling out our allergy questionnaire and an allergist will be in touch within 24 hours.

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It all goes back to climate change.

Pollution outside the body is pollution inside the body.

Rising levels of CO2 and pollution are making allergy seasons and symptoms worse, for longer.

We’re on a mission to make a difference to your entire environment: you can’t think more global and act more local than that.

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