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It’s all about you, the allergy patient.

We take an integrative approach.

Healing-oriented medicine and support that takes account of the whole person

That includes all aspects of lifestyle and emphasizes the therapeutic relationship between practitioner and patient, is informed by evidence, and makes use of all appropriate therapies.

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We believe in the power of technology

It’s all thanks to our technology making everything more efficient and more affordable. About time an allergy clinic entered the 21st century.

No more waiting rooms
Access to allergists anytime, anywhere
Lower drug prices
Streamlined treatment + diagnostics
Free ongoing care
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We believe in the power of medicine

That’s why we empower our third-party doctors to prescribe an open range of treatments, from traditional over-the-counter and prescription medications to cutting-edge immunotherapies. Every patient’s situation and goals are unique – treatment should be too.

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We believe in the power of science

That’s why we follow a strict, trusted formula with our supplements, and take research, testing, and procedure seriously.

Expert Leadership
Science-Backed Ingredients
Third-Party Testing
Clinical Studies in the pipeline

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We believe in the power of lifestyle

Alongside doctor-prescribed treatments, there are practical, simple lifestyle adjustments you can make to help in your battle with allergies. But again, everyone’s different, which is why talking with an allergy specialist can go a long way.

We believe in the power of support

Seasons change. Sometimes treatments and approaches need to change too. That’s why our third-party allergy doctors and nurses are available for free ongoing care with every treatment subscription.

Change treatment anytime
Free ongoing care
Pause or cancel anytime

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