Immunity Bundle

The Immunity-supporting Duo Your Body Needs

Meet the ultimate immune-strengthening bundle. With our shot and our lozenges in your back pocket, you’ll always be covered. Both refreshing and supportive, our bundle keeps you prepared for any and every season...whenever they may strike.


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  • Give one of our immune boosting shots a shot.

    Honey. Ginger. Stronger immunity. This shot packs a serious punch. Take it when you need it most, or take it every morning to help maintain your immune system in a more daily way. However you choose to take it, take it for what it is: clarity in a bottle.*

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    Immunity Shot Box

    What's In It?

    • Organic Reishi Mushrooms
    • Organic Curcumin
    • Sophora Japonica (95% Quercetin)
    • Zinc
    • Vitamin C
    • MSM
    • Magnesium
    • Pine Bark Extract
  • There’s more to love: our lozenges.

    Peppermint. Menthol. Honey. And a whole lot of clarity. Our lozenges are ideal for when you’re out and about, and need that extra support. Strong, aromatic, and refreshing, our lozenges give you back your day.

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    Immunity Lozenge

    What's In It?

    • Organic peppermint oil
    • Nettle root
    • Elderberry
    • Onion Extract
    • Organic honey
    • Rose Hip