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Consider this portal a resource for all things allergy-related—from all the tell-tale symptoms like runny noses, swollen sinuses, itchy eyes, to scratchy throats.

Just as importantly, we’re passionate about helping sufferers avoid common triggers, and supporting their immune systems at the same time.

It doesn’t hurt that our team is composed of allergists and sufferers: many of whom are both.

We definitely know what it’s like to experience seasonal misery, and have a holistic support system to help.

Allergy Immunotherapy

What is Allergy Immunotherapy (AIT)?

AIT is an evidence-based treatment for respiratory allergies. It treats the underlying causes of allergies, and may provide both improvement of symptoms within a few months and sustained, long-lasting support. How? By reprogramming your immune system to build up tolerance to specific allergens.

A long-term advantage

When it comes to the usual symptomatic medications that are prescribed, such as antihistamines, nasal steroids and decongestants, relief only happens while the medication is being taken—and is ultimately temporary. With immunotherapy, however, the benefits (and relief) can be longer term and reduce the need to take medications.

How AIT works

AIT gives repeated doses of an allergen, which stimulates an immune response in your body. This immune response changes the way that your body reacts to the allergen and ultimately builds up a tolerance so that you no longer react. Over time, your body will not react to the allergen(s) and you’ll experience fewer or no symptoms when you encounter the allergen in the real world.

FDA-Approved Treatments: Sublingual Immunotherapy

Approved by the FDA, sublingual immunotherapy comes in the form of a pill that dissolves in your mouth, under your tongue. It is the only take-from-home immunotherapy currently approved. After evaluating your test results and medical history our Allergists can assess if these tablets are the right approach for you, and prescribe them as needed.